Jump Events

Jump has worked on some of the biggest events in the Middle East, Africa and Asia and are able to effortlessly make the transition to smaller boutique or corporate events. From staging conferences and new product launches to hosting gala dinners, arranging music tours and brand activation, There is no event or experience that the Jump Team can’t seamlessly curate, create, promote and document.


International Artist Booking

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Years in the business have taught us that contracting, booking, securing and staging big artists is no easy feat. Our clients have come to learn that Jump lands artists of any calibre or size at market appropriate rates. We have nurtured unique relationships with Top-Tier international agents and artists and have earned a reputation as a trustworthy, fair, and consistent liaison between promoters and artist management for a stress free production.

International Circuit Building

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Jump has been active in building a much needed Southern Hemisphere circuit for music, to complement the existing established UK, US, EUR circuits. From our head offices in Dubai, UAE, South Africa, Asia and USA business, we are pioneering a unique circuit for artists to tour and connect with new fan-bases. Each business has a unique foothold in their touring territory in order to offer insightful market research, local knowledge and to complete the chain in a seamless global tour.

Event Staging

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Not only does Jump book and host artists, it also is geared to execute a full scale supply chain of event production from staging to catering to ticketing. Jump has long standing relationships with the best suppliers in our respective territories which means we can facilitate the highest quality of service at the best price.

Artist Development

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Every great artists started from the bottom, Jump is dedicated not only to booking top tier artists, it prides itself in its active involvement developing up and coming talent from all corners of the world. By leveraging our existing contacts and circuits and knowledge we give back to young artists we believe in, by assisting them in building their fan-base through global touring to album production, sponsorship acquisition, PR and business development.

Curating Brand Experiences

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Jump are specialists at brand activation through music, comedy or any entertainment event. In today’s cluttered media environment we firmly believe that brand activation through entertainment is a perfect way to engage and excite your market, Jump curate, create and document a memorable and noteworthy branded experiences, ensuring that your brand comes alive through creative on-site branding, media and promotion.

Corporate events and gala dinners

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Our years of event experience allow us to craft the perfect event for you to celebrate your achievements and engage with your clients or fundraisers. We cover every detail of the corporate event process and are happy to collaborate on the event you envision.

Music Industry Research

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In order to remain relevant to our local market, Jump has undertaken to invest in industry research, by backing a systemic approach to analysing and solving complex industry problems in both the live and recorded supply chain. The project aims to capture problems, ideals and strategies from as many industry stakeholders, from international governance, to local industries to artists to grasp the ever changing needs of the music industry, and design an ideal thriving industry. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION